NICKMERCS reveals new Bruen loadout for Warzone Season 2

Hamza Khalid
NICKMERCS loadout for the Bruen LMG in Warzone.

Call of Duty content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff showed off his loadout for the Bruen which improves upon the weapon’s recoil and damage range, and showcased how dangerous the LMG is.

While Assault Rifles and SMGS often rule Warzone, LMGs can be powerful tools in the right hands. The Bruen has been a popular pick for Warzone players and despite the weapon’s nerf, it still continues to dominate both casual and competitive tournaments.

NICKMERCS is no stranger to LMGs, as he was able to secure 24 kills in a single game with his Stoner 63 loadout. Now, the Call of Duty Content creator showcased his skills with the Bruen in a new video, in which he also showed off the best attachments for it.

Bruen LMG Warzone

NICKMERCS’ Bruen Warzone loadout

The Bruen’s main strengths are its impressive damage, large magazine size, high accuracy, and solid range. The Call of Duty content creator’s loadout focuses on boosting the range potential, and completely getting rid of the weapon’s recoil.

NICKMERCS equipped the following attachments to his Bruen LMG:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: XRK Summit 26.8”
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: Corp Combat Holo Sight
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags 

Starting off with the Monolithic Suppressor, the Bruen’s will gain sound suppression along with a boost to its damage range. While Warzone’s LMGs tend to fall off at range due to the overall kick, that is not the case for this one. 

Next, Nick was able to get rid of the gun’s overall recoil with the help of the XRK Summit 26.8” barrel, which also increases the damage range and bullet velocity. This lets you keep auto-firing from a distance without losing control of the weapon. 

The Bruen has a slow ADS speed, as you would expect when playing with an LMG, so the Tac Laser sight should help out with that. While you won’t fair better than with loadouts such as the one for the MP5 SMG, it’ll get the job done.

He finishes off his loadout with the Corp Combat Holo Sight and 60 Round Mags. The Corp Combat Holo sight is popular for being among the cleanest sights in Warzone so this will suit you well during long-range combat, especially with the decreased recoil.

Be sure to equip these attachments on the Bruen the next time you drop into Warzone, and you’ll see just how lethal this LMG can be.

Image Credits: Activision / Infinity Ward

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