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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Strange Warzone bug gives players Damascus camo for free

A bizarre Warzone bug has been applying the Damascus camo to lucky players’ weapons during battle royale matches.



warzone Damascus m4

A bizarre Warzone bug has been applying the elusive Damascus camo to players’ weapons mid-game.

Modern Warfare’s Damascus camo grind is long and tedious. You must complete a series of challenges for weapons, such as getting kills while mounted and using no attachments. Completing all challenges for every weapon that launched with Modern Warfare will unlock the elusive Damascus camo.

However, following February 5’s Warzone update which removed the ‘stim glitch’ for the sixth time, as well as fixing the broken Operator challenges for Season 1’s Stitch, some players have been getting Damascus for free in-game.

In a post titled “They gifted me damascus for being a loyal customer. Thank you!” Reddit user HDUdo361 shared a video of the camo applying itself to the weapon for seemingly no reason.

HDUdo361 was fighting on the roof of Verdansk’s airport using a CR-56 AMAX with the Platinum Camo applied. After killing an opponent, the camo changed itself to Damascus.

Also using the CR-56 AMAX with Platinum camo, _rpm25 killed someone at Hills and the Damascus camo randomly appeared on their AMAX too.

The players didn’t get to keep the Damascus camo at the end of the game, unfortunately. Both players confirmed that after holstering the weapon, the camo went away.

Strangely, the bug appears to only apply to a Platinum CR-56 AMAX, but perhaps it will apply to other Platinum weapons, too. If you have Platinum unlocked for the AMAX, bring it into Verdansk and you might be able to get a taste of the finer things in Warzone.

This isn’t the only bug to come from the update, as some players have been unable to use the Operator select screen, so have been stuck with the last skin they used.

Image Credit: Activision