New Warzone Calling Cards show off Caldera Pacific map POIs

Liam Mackay
Warzone Caldera Pacific map

As Warzone Season 6 wraps up before the battle royale action moves to the Pacific, Operation Flashback has gone live. This update also brought new Calling Cards that appear to reveal the upcoming Caldera map’s POIs.

After almost two years on the original Verdansk map, Warzone players are desperate for some new scenery. And they’re in luck, Warzone will get Caldera, an entirely new map, in December when Vanguard Season 1 goes live.

We’ve gotten an aerial view of it, revealing its size, but new Calling Cards added alongside Operation Flashback have given us a look at some of the areas and POIs.

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Plane flying in Warzone pacific caldera map

Warzone Pacific Caldera POIs teased

Operation Flashback brings back classic moments from Warzone during Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War‘s lifecycles. To name only a couple, the ‘doof doof’ R-90 is now ground loot, and the Nakatomi Vault can be opened again.

You can earn an exclusive Calling Card for winning a game of Operation Flashback, but it appears that more Calling Cards were accidentally added, giving us a look at some of Caldera’s POIs.

There are four Calling Cards: Hospitable Resort, Home in Paradise, Marina Street, and Treasure the Scenery.

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Looking at the map and the already named POIs, it appears that Marina Street shows off the Capital City POI, with there being plenty of buildings in the area. Also, Home in Paradise and Treasure the Scenery likely show off the Fishing Villiage POI.

The Hospitable Resort POI appears to be a hotel or holiday resort, with there being several swimming pools on the roof and small cabins surrounding the area. But there’s no way of knowing where on the map the hotel will be.

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The Calling Cards have likely been accidentally added ahead of the Secrets of the Pacific event, where Warzone players will gain “vital information on Caldera and its various points of interest prior to its launch in December.”

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Image Credit: Activision

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