MW Submachine Gun Charlie MP5 gets major nerf for Warzone

MW Submachine Gun Charlie Nerf

The MW Submachine Gun Charlie, also known as the MP5, has received a devastating nerf to its damage output.

Call of Duty: Warzone received a patch on August 16, which changed the stats of numerous weapons. You can see all of the changes made by checking out our full patch notes story.

Among these changes, a submachine gun, assault rifle, and several pistols were nerfed. One of the most devastating nerfs this update decreased the damage output of the MP5, which Raven Software calls the MW Submachine Gun Charlie.

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The MP5 is one of the most powerful weapons in Warzone and is incredibly useful for ripping through squads. However, this major nerf makes the MW Submachine Gun Charlie less forgiving if you miss your shots.

MW Submachine Gun Charlie Nerf

MW Submachine Gun Charlie MP5 Nerf

The biggest change to the MP5 is the maximum damage output being decreased from 34 to 31. This means that players will have to hit an extra shot of max damage to kill, which raises the overall TTK.

The second nerf to the MW Submachine Gun Charlie decreases the range of effectiveness by 5.4%.

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This may not seem like a massive change, but players experienced with the MP5 will notice the damage drop-off. This makes it, so players have to get a little closer to be as effective.

However, the last change made to the MP5 is a positive one. The Upper Torso Damage Multiplier has been increased from 1 to 1.1. Another small change that will actually make hitting players in the chest a little more rewarding.

MW Submachine gun Charlie

Activision states that the nerf is meant to “place some of the power of the Submachine Gun Charlie (MW) behind a mechanical requirement – making it a little less forgiving.

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Although the numbers look like they’ve only been slightly changed, every point of damage matters.

But what do you think? Is the MP5 nerf as devastating as it seems, or will it still be an absolute powerhouse?

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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