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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War & Warzone players are tired of “repetitive” Seasonal Operators and story

Every season Black Ops Cold War and Warzone continue their storyline with new operators, but players seem to be tired of their repetitive nature.



bocw warzone operators

Players have expressed their opinion on Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s seasonal operators and story, claiming it is becoming repetitive.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are now in Season 5, with new weapons, operators, and even the continuation of the story that has been building up over the seasons.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard set to be released in the near future, community members for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have begun to express their lack of enthusiasm for the recent string of Operators and advancement of the Seasonal story that has been told over the past year.

Warzone and Cold War Season 5 Kitsune operator

Reddit user Umbra2k posted their opinion online, stating that “The running gag of the villains completing their mission and getting away every season is getting pretty old and tiresome.”

Every season, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War introduce a new cutscene and development for the storyline, continuing the Black Ops Cold War campaign.

Some players love this added lore to both games, with many Black Ops fans loving the campaign the developers put together.

On the other hand, it seems some players are beginning to get slightly bored with the trend, especially those who are more invested in Warzone and the general gameplay rather than the story.

Players tired of “bad guy” operators

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Season 3 operator

In the post, Umbra2k expresses his views towards the evil operators that are introduced every season, claiming it’s time for some good guys:

“Every season, it’s a new edgy “bad guy” with a mask or an eye patch. And we have one season left. We’d like some “good guys” too, that aren’t locked in 25$ bundles. Not that I have a problem paying. But for f*** sake give us a “good guy” BP operator.”

Not only do they seem to have an issue with the lack of “good guys, but” they also aren’t too fond of the bad guys having a repetitive, token evil look, with a “mask or an eye patch.”

The user has seen a lot of upvotes on the post, with many players also feeling the same way about the operators and storyline.

The Reddit user hopes these posts will gain the community team’s attention and perhaps influence the last season of Black Ops Cold War before the next Call of Duty is released and integrated into Warzone.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Treyarch