Modern Warfare guns are finally meta in Warzone and players are delighted

Liam Mackay
Warzone player with Modern Warfare AMAX

Sick of Vanguard weapons dominating the game, Warzone players have been desperate for Modern Warfare guns to enter the meta again. These buffs finally arrived with Season 4 Reloaded and players are delighted.

Before Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard’s weapons brought Warzone’s total to almost 200, there was only around 30 Modern Warfare weapons. With players preferring their smooth animations and overall feel, many would rather use Modern Warfare’s guns in Warzone.

However, Vanguard guns have been dominating the meta ever since their arrival in December 2021, and players have been begging to see them in a competitive spot again. These changes finally came with July 27’s Season 4 Reloaded update, bringing the Kilo 141, AMAX, and M13 back into the fold, and players couldn’t be happier.

The Kilo 141 had its second damage drop-off removed and its minimum damage increased, and top streamers Swagg and NICKMERCS claim that the Kilo’s back. Ever since the update, Warzone’s subreddit has been full of praise over the Modern Warfare guns seeing some love.

“Was using Kilo all night last night on rebirth. It was shredding!” said one player, but explained that it might not be ideal on Caldera. “As long as you realize it’s strengths and weaknesses, the Kilo is for sure back on the menu!”

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“It was so beautiful playing rebirth and seeing all the modern warfare weapons, almost felt like a step back in time to when the game was actually fun,” said another.

It’s not just the Kilo that Warzone players are using again either. “I tried the AMAX first and haven’t tried anything else yet because I’ve been enjoying it so much,” said Reddit user Finetales. Another explained that they “wanted to try out the Amax and Fara too but I had too many great games with the M13 that I eventually just stayed with it.”

However, players feel that Modern Warfare guns need an extra attachment slot to run Fully Loaded and the VLK 3.0x can’t match Vanguard’s 3-6x. But, these Modern Warfare weapons are now more than viable on Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, and even Caldera if used as Sniper Support.

Raven also dropped another Warzone update on July 28, finally nerfing the Serpentine Perk and buffing Sniper Rifles.

Image Credit: Activision

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