Major changes made to contracts in Warzone Season 5

warzone bounty contract

Bounties that players complete during Warzone have potentially been changed for Season 5 of the Call of Duty battle royale.

One change in Warzone Season 5 seems to be a significant one, and it’s unclear if it’s deliberate or not. One of the game’s main ways of earning money, Bounties, task players with completing mini-objectives during a live game to earn useful rewards – namely cash.

A commonly acquired one is the Bounty contract that selects one enemy player somewhere near you in the game and asks you to eliminate them. Doing so rewards you with a healthy lump sum of money. But Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 now appears to only be rewarding the individual that takes out the target.

warzone contract

The news was first widely reported by ModernWarzone as they issued a warning to any confused players not being rewarded for completed contracts.

“Bounties in #Warzone now only reward the individual player who killed the bounty with cash. Intentional or not?,” they Tweeted.

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There’s a good chance that this isn’t a deliberate change because it hasn’t been mentioned by Raven Software, or appeared in the Season 5 patch notes.

ModernWarzone also posted a follow-up Tweet to alert players that other contract opportunities are also experiencing similar issues.

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This could simply be a bug or a glitch that has gone undetected in the lead-up to the Season 5 release. Such a significant change would have probably been outed by the devs ahead of its release.

Until we know more, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and see if Raven Software addresses the possible change.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software