Leakers give full look at unreleased Ural Mountains Warzone map

Liam Mackay
Warzone ural mountains leaked

A group of Call of Duty leakers called The CheeseBurger Boys have released footage of the full Ural Mountains map that was expected to arrive in Warzone.

After Warzone’s Verdansk was made up from the Ground War maps, it was heavily theorized and leaked that the Ural Mountains would be Warzone’s new map following Cold War’s integration. These theories were squashed after a trailer revealing 1980s Verdansk leaked, and then the nuke went off and the game did indeed go to 1984.

It was then rumored that the Ural Mountains map was originally designed for a ‘Blackout 2.0‘ for Black Ops Cold War before Activision anticipated Warzone’s success. Now, CoD leakers The CheeseBurger Boys have revealed what the full map would have looked like.

Cold War's Ural Mountains Alpine map

The Ural Mountains is made up of Cold War’s multi-team and Outbreak maps such as Ruka, Duga, and Sanatorium. While we can already play battle royale in these maps through Season 3’s Fireteam Elimination, they were reportedly all connected to create a fully-fledged battle royale map.

While images of the full map have already leaked, this appears to be the first time video footage of the map has surfaced. The CheeseBurger Boys’ video shows a player traversing the large map and visiting some of the leaked locations such as Zoo, and the full versions of areas such as Duga.


The looting mechanics and menus appear to confirm the Blackout 2.0 theory as they are quite different from Warzone’s system. The manner in which you pick up weapons and perks is much more similar to Blackout, so perhaps this mode was indeed scrapped to keep Warzone at the “front and center” of the franchise.

There’s no guarantee this full Ural Mountains map will ever release, but if Fireteam Elimination continues to be a success, then perhaps they will expand it to the full map.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch