JGOD reveals the Warzone attachments you should never use

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JGOD Warzone attachments

Controlling weapon recoil and maximizing your aiming efficiency is fundamental to Warzone success, and stats expert JGOD has revealed which attachments you’ll want to avoid at all costs in Season 4 Reloaded.

Attachments in Warzone drastically alter the weapon’s performance by increasing or decreasing its characteristics. One of the most important characteristics of any Warzone weapon is recoil control, as players look to hit their shots.

The system by which attributes are increased and decreased is quite complicated and more often than not attachments may not have the desired effect that you intended. Luckily, Warzone stats expert JGOD has revealed which attachments to avoid when it comes to recoil control.

Warzone player sprinting in Caldera

JGOD is renowned for using in-game statistics to maximize the potential of Warzone weapons and in Season 4 Reloaded he has revealed that some attachments are limiting your ability to control recoil.

The Warzone stats expert explores the relationship between initial recoil control and sustained recoil control. Most attachments that are meant to control recoil will improve either initial recoil or sustained recoil.

He explains that a problem arises when players attempt to haphazardly equip attachments that limit recoil. According to JGOD, “You want to combine everything that is sustained recoil or everything initial recoil, but not to combine initial recoil and sustained recoil because there will be this canceling effect.

He suggests a uniform approach in which recoil-reducing attachments on a weapon either fully improve sustained recoil or initial recoil.

At this stage, it’s up to the player to decide which recoil-reducing version is best for them based on the weapon’s attributes.

For example, a weapon like the Cooper Carbine that naturally exhibits excellent initial recoil control should boast attachments that improve its sustained firing recoil to cover its weakness.

In the case of the Cooper Carbine, the three attachments that boost sustained firing recoil are the Cooper Custom Padded stock, Polymer Grip rear grip, and Tight Grip proficiency. An example of a loadout mistake would be to equip Brace instead of Tight Grip, as its boost to initial recoil control would not be felt.

Of course, the Cooper Carbine is but one example, and regardless of which weapon you decide to use, have a look at the description of attachments that are meant to increase recoil control and ensure that they’re all either improving sustained recoil or initial recoil.

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