JGOD reveals Modern Warfare SMG that’s meta again with rapid TTK in Warzone Season 5

Nathan Warby
Warzone player using Fennec

Warzone Season 5 has arrived, and CoD expert JGOD has highlighted a forgotten Modern Warfare SMG that has found its way back into the close-range meta.

As is the case with every major update, Warzone Season 5 aimed to shake up the meta across every category. Snipers were buffed significantly to make them more viable this time around, and a number of other balancing changes have blown the meta wide open.

Being effective in close-range fights is vital to Warzone success, both on Caldera and smaller maps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, and Vanguard weapons like the H4 Blixen and Armaguerra 43 have dominated this area for some time.

However, in Warzone Season 5, JGOD believes that an underused Modern Warfare SMG is meta once again.

In his August 31 video, JGOD broke down the very best close-range loadouts in the new season. Many of the usual suspects from CoD Vanguard were included, as the WWII weapons continue to come out on top.

But when it came to comparing the practical TTKs, the Warzone expert found that the Modern Warfare Fennec had found its way back into the meta. He found that it dispatched enemies in just 605ms, making it the fastest killing SMG outside of Vanguard.

It was one of many guns to receive a buff in the Season 5 update, increasing its damage multiplier in the neck, legs, and feet. The result is an SMG that JGOD claims “melts” in close-quarters combat.

He also broke down the best Fennec loadout in Warzone Season 5, which you can check out below:

JGOD’s best Fennec loadout in Warzone Season 5

  • Barrel: ZLR Sabre
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Magazine: 40 Round Drum Mags
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

JGOD went for the ZLR Sabre Barrel and Commando Foregrip for extra recoil control to help his Fennec loadout land shots more consistently, as well as a slight boost in range. Then, he chose the 5mW Laser for hipfire accuracy, which can be vital at close range when there’s no time to aim.

Finally, 40 Round Mags give you the maximum number of bullets per mag to dispatch multiple enemies with a single clip, and Sleight of Hand means you can reload quicker and get back into the action.

JGOD did acknowledge that the Fennec’s smaller magazine size means players will have time their reloads effectively to unlock the gun’s full potential. With this in mind, he said the SMG might lend itself to Solos and Duos more than Squads.

Either way, after weeks of Vanguard weapons dominating the Warzone meta, the opportunity to run a Modern Warfare SMG and not be at a disadvantage is a welcome change of pace.

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Image credit: Activision

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