JGOD reveals the Sniper Rifle attachment you need to use in Warzone Pacific

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Due to a recently discovered bug, certain attachments are increasing the viability of Vanguard Sniper Rifles in Warzone Pacific and JGOD has all the details for us.

Vanguard Sniper Rifles have been a hot topic of discussion as of late. Traditionally Sniper Rifles have been some of the most used weapons in Warzone. Their excellent range and one-shot kill potential can devastate opponents.

However, when Vanguard weapons were integrated into Warzone, players were incredibly disappointed with Sniper Rifles. Luckily, this new tip courtesy of JGOD can potentially make Sniper Rifles top-tier again.

Best Sniper Rifle attachment for Warzone Pacific

vanguard kar98k sniper

The two major complaints players have with Vanguard Snipers are their slow ADS speed and their lack of damage output. Fortunately for those who love to traverse Caldera with Sniper Rifle in hand, one of these problems can be solved with the right attachments.

In JGOD’s latest video the Call of Duty weapon expert discusses how to drastically increase your Sniper’s ADS speed. Although, the trick has more to do with a bug that fails to register the decrease in ADS Speed that certain optics bring to Snipers.

Vanguard Kar98k Sniper Rifle

In Vanguard, equipping attachments will bring up a pros and cons list. This system was developed to balance weapons and give the players an opportunity to pick the attachments that best suit their play style.

As seen in the video, JGOD reveals that the cons list for Vanguard Snipers and optic attachments seems to malfunction when it comes to ADS speed. Therefore, players can get away with equipping some of the best optics without sacrificing valuable ADS speed.

JGOD suggests equipping Vanguard Snipers with the MK. 12 Night Vision optic which delivers the benefits of a 3x optic and makes your ADS speed 44% faster. In addition, he states that players should stay away from optics with two sights because they will prevent you from holding your breath.

Of course, JGOD has done a ton of testing and he confirms that this bug does not impact the pros and cons of weapons outside the Sniper Rifle category. He goes on to state that a patch for this bug is sure to surface soon.

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