JGOD explains how increasing health won’t fix Warzone 2’s TTK “problem”

Liam Mackay
JGOD and Warzone 2 Observatory

While many Call of Duty players feel Warzone 2’s time to kill is way too fast and needs significantly raised, top YouTuber JGOD has done the math, explaining why it might not be that simple.

The ‘skill gap’ has been a contentious issue in Warzone 2 since it launched, with top players feeling the changes to time to kill (TTK) and movement have been to ensure there’s very little separating casual and dedicated players.

Top streamers such as TeeP have said it makes Warzone 2 “a lot easier” than Warzone 1, and a poll revealed the majority want to see the TTK increased. However, YouTuber JGOD has explained why it might not be as simple as a blanket health raise.

Warzone 1’s first year is still regarded as many players’ favorite time in Warzone, especially because of Modern Warfare weapons. So, JGOD compared the TTK between Warzone 1’s first year and Warzone 2.

Taking meta weapons such as the M4A1, Grau, Kilo, and Cold War DMR, he compared their time to kill and shots to kill with the RPK, TAQ 56, and Kastov 762. He discovered that with the exception of the RPK, the time to kill and shots to kill are roughly the same between the two games.

“Long-range speaking, this is a good TTK,” he concluded. “I think the majority of the player base likes a good TTK that doesn’t feel like instantly dying or squishy, and I think where it’s at right now — RPK could maybe get a slight nerf — but besides that, I think we’re in a good spot based off how well the first year of Warzone felt and played in terms of long-range TTK.”

However, he does feel that the close-range TTK is “a problem” because it’s too fast. The Fennec, Lachmann Sub, and Vaznev 9k all kill a lot quicker than Warzone 1’s MP7 and MP5 SMGs.

To fix the issue, he feels the devs should leave the long-range TTK alone and make these SMGs require one more shot to kill which would leave them still in the meta but allow you to feel like you still had a chance in the gunfight.

The next major Warzone 2 update is set for early February with Season 2, so we’ll need to wait and see what balance changes Raven Software decide to bring.

Image Credit: Activision