Is Warzone 1 still playable in 2023?

Gaz in Warzone Caldera Storage Town

Activision have shifted their focus to Warzone 2 as Call of Duty’s main battle royale, but can you still play Warzone 1 in 2023?

After the original Warzone brought together weapons and Operators from three Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 2 introduced a totally clean slate for the franchise. With Warzone 2 having brought a brand-new battle royale experience, some players still want to play the original game thanks to its mechanics and weapons.

With Warzone 2 being in the spotlight, are you still able to play Warzone 1 in 2023? Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you play Warzone 1 in 2023?

Call of Duty Warzone Caldera artwork

Yes, you can still play Warzone 1 in 2023 following the battle royale’s re-release as Warzone Caldera after it was temporarily removed following Warzone 2’s launch on November 16.

However, Warzone Caldera can no longer be downloaded as a standalone title as it’s now become a game mode within Modern Warfare 2019. So, if you’re looking to play Warzone Caldera, you’ll need to download Modern Warfare.

This also means that Warzone 1 is no longer free-to-play for new players. If you’ve never played Warzone 1 before, then you’ll need to purchase Modern Warfare 2019 in order to play it. If you played before its temporary removal on November 16, then you can still drop in for free.

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Warzone 1 now only features Caldera after the fan-favorite Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep Resurgence maps were removed following Warzone 2’s launch. All of the weapons and player progression remain, but the progression is kept completely separate from Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Although Verdansk is gone from Warzone, it will return with Warzone Mobile which arrives in 2023, and rumors claim Warzone 2 will receive its first Resurgence map with the Season 2 update.

Image Credit: Activision

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