How to unlock M1916 Marksman Rifle in Warzone & Vanguard Season 3

Liam Mackay
vanguard and warzone operator using m1916 in season 3

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 3 brings brand-new weapons for players to enjoy, including the M1916 Marksman Rifle. It’s set to arrive with Season 3’s launch, so here’s how to unlock it in both Vanguard and Warzone.

The Selbstlader M1916 is a Marksman Rifle that will be familiar to Battlefield fans, as it was a powerful choice in both BF1 and BFV. It’s now making its way to both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific with April 27’s Season 3 update.

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It’s described as a “semi-automatic rifle with a combination of power and fire rate” that’s “impressive at any range in the hands of a capable marksman.” The M1916 will be available to all players for free at the start of Season 3, so here’s how to unlock it.

Kim Tae Young using m1916 in vanguard

How to unlock M1916 in Vanguard & Warzone

The new M1916 Marksman Rifle arrives for free at Tier 15 of Vanguard and Warzone Season 3’s Battle Pass.

Because this is a free weapon, you don’t need to worry about buying the Season 3 Battle Pass. You can play Modern Warfare, Cold War, Vanguard, or Warzone, and you’ll make your way through the Battle Pass unlocking the new weapons and free rewards.

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vanguard and warzone season 3 artwork

Don’t worry if you miss out on unlocking the M1916 during Season 3 either, as once Season 4 begins, it can be unlocked through a challenge.

The devs confirmed that it’s capable of two-shotting players in Vanguard’s multiplayer and is an “excellent option at all ranges, even if its recoil can be difficult to handle at range.” We’ll need to wait and see how much of an impact it has on Warzone’s meta.

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