How to get your teammates to respawn faster in Warzone Rebirth Island Resurgence

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Respawn Faster Warzone Rebirth Island Resurgence

The Rebirth Island Resurgence game mode allows Warzone players to spawn back into the match after being eliminated if their teammates survive a countdown. One Warzone player has explained how you can make this countdown go by faster.

Rebirth Island was introduced as a new map in Call of Duty: Warzone at the beginning of the Black Ops Cold War cycle. The Resurgence game mode for this smaller map has become very popular among players respawn mechanic makes for adrenaline-fueled matches.

While this respawn mechanic requires at least one member of your team to stay alive for a specific period of time to bring back your eliminated teammates, one community member recently explained how you could shorten the countdown timer and bring your teammates back into the fight on Rebirth Island faster.

How to get your teammates back faster in Warzone Rebirth Island Resurgence

You will find that the respawn countdown timer for Warzone Rebirth Island Resurgence is 15 seconds for the first round and then 39 seconds for the next two rounds until the respawn mechanic is no longer available for players to use in the same way the Gulag closes.

Community member spideyjiri took to the official Warzone subreddit and posted a video explaining that players can actually speed up this countdown timer for Rebirth Island Resurgence in various ways.

Downing, an enemy player, will take off 2 seconds from your teammates’ countdown timer, while 7 seconds will be eliminated from the countdown timer if you get the full kill on the downed enemy.

Players can also knock one second off by destroying enemy equipment and 5 seconds by completing a contract. You can also reduce the countdown timer by 2 seconds for every loot crate you open.

Finally, performing a finishing move on an enemy player will take off 8 seconds, so there are plenty of ways, according to the informational video from spideyjiri, that players can help to bring their eliminated teammates back faster when playing Warzone Rebirth Island Resurgence.

There is no doubt that players should do their best to perform these kinds of actions when they are waiting to help get their teammates back into the fight faster and improve their chances of winning, especially on the small action-packed Warzone map.

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