How to get the Golden Durable Gas Mask in Warzone Season 4

Andrew Highton
warzone golden durable gas mask

Having the Durable Gas Mask is a huge advantage towards the end of a game of Call of Duty: Warzone, so our quick guide will show you how to acquire the Golden version in Season 4.

How many times have you been running through Verdansk’s poisonous gas and wished you had one or two more seconds on your mask to survive? That could literally be the difference between 2nd place and a Warzone Victory.

Well, in the same way that Warzone Season 3 brought back the Specialist Perk to make things a bit more interesting, Season 4 has welcomed back the rare Durable Gas Mask.

Where can I find the Durable Gas Mask?

opened red door in warzone

Crucially, before we explain what it actually does and how you can benefit from it, we need to locate one in Verdansk first.

At the time of writing, it seems their arrival in Warzone has been restricted to one method in particular – the new Red Doors scattered around. These mysterious doors transport players around the map to a secret room littered with goodies and valuables to help you win.

These rooms contain all-sorts of wondrous gifts such as Legendary Weapons, Advanced UAVs, and our desirable Durable Gas Mask.

Check out our full guide on the Red Doors, including locations on to find them, here.

What does the Golden Gas Mask do?

cod warzone operator wearing a gas mask

So what makes them so special compared to their regular counterpart? Whereas a regular Gas Mask will make you immune to the deadly effects of the gas for 12 seconds, the Warzone Durable Gas Mask can protect you for 25 seconds!

This is obviously a massive help and will let you take that extra bit of time you need to flank someone or to wait out one of the final circles and let your opponent succumb to the gas.

So the next time you drop into Verdansk, consider visiting a Red Door and see if you can grab yourself a great advantage to secure the dub with the Warzone Durable Gas Mask.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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