FFAR secretly nerfed in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update

Liam Mackay
CoD Warzone FFAR

Despite no mention of a nerf in the patch notes, YouTuber JGOD has explained how Warzone’s FFAR 1 has been nerfed “pretty hard” following the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Warzone fans were disappointed when the FFAR was left seemingly untouched in the Season 2 Reloaded patch notes. The AUG and FFAR have been the dominant weapons in Warzone Season 2, so players were eager to see them nerfed.

The AUG’s recoil was increased, but there was no mention of the FFAR in the patch notes. However, testing done by YouTuber JGOD has revealed the FFAR has indeed been nerfed in Season 2 Reloaded.

First, as JGOD explains, the 20.3″ Takedown barrel took a hit. This was favored by aggressive players for its bullet velocity and strafe speed buffs. Now, following the update, the bullet velocity has been lowered and the damage range has instead been buffed. And it no longer helps with strafe speed, so you’ll really feel the hit to your mobility from now on.

Warzone FFAR 1

Raven Software also nerfed the Fast Mag attachments for Cold War weapons. The mags were always described as negatively affecting the weapons aim down sight time, but the effect was negligible. Now, these Fast Mags will seriously slow down your ADS speed.

“If you’re ADSing already, the [FFAR’s] going to destroy. But getting into the gunfight, the thing’s going to feel very slow and sluggish,” JGOD explained. “People who play a little bit more aggressively don’t like that… You get outgunned because it takes you too long to get your shots on.”

From now on, you’re better off going with the regular large mags, such as the “STANAG 50 Rnd” as the ADS speed penalty won’t be as great.

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With the FFAR being so dominant up-close, aside from its damage, its speed was a massive draw for players. Now, the best class will no longer offer such strong mobility. It’s possible the devs are testing the waters with this FFAR nerf and are seeing how much these small changes affect its dominance.

The magazine changes don’t just affect the FFAR however, as JGOD explained these nerfs have given a similar hit to the M16’s ADS speed.

JGOD confirmed he isn’t finished testing these weapons following the update and will upload follow-up videos with any more findings.

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