FaZe Swagg claims “fan-favorite” Warzone weapon has returned to the meta

warzone faze swagg amax

FaZe Swagg’s recent video highlighted the Warzone Season 6 AMAX after its nerfs in previous seasons. Although the weapon isn’t as strong as it was, it currently has one of the highest weapon K/D’s which could see it return to the meta.

Warzone has had a lot of crazy weapon metas over the seasons with Black Ops Cold War. Players have even been able to get a taste of how strong these weapons were through the Operation Flashback LTM.

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From the DMR to the MAC-10, a lot of these strong weapons were nerfed and knocked off the top spot.

With that being said, FaZe Swagg decided to go back and give the AMAX a try in Warzone Season 6, which he claims is “one of the most loved guns of all time.”

warzone amax

Although many felt the AMAX had to be nerfed at the time, FaZe Swagg shared his opinions on the nerfs in his recent video.

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It seems Swagg felt the changes to the AMAX were unfair, believing that the AMAX was one of the “only guns in Warzone’s history that genuinely took skill and was good.” FaZe Swagg felt as if the nerfs affected high-skill players, as “only really good players used the AMAX.”

Although the Warzone meta is no doubt about to change with the upcoming Vanguard integration and new map, FaZe Swagg decided to give the AMAX a chance and the result may be surprising to some.

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In the video, Swagg explains why he decided to try out the AMAX. It turns out that the AMAX featured as one of the “highest K/D guns in Warzone as of right now.” Upon trying it out in the video, the Warzone content creator was pleasantly surprised.

In the gameplay, Swagg manages to get a win in solo duos, racking up 32 kills and 9k damage. This has left FaZe Swagg believing that the AMAX definitely has a place among the best weapons in Warzone Season 6, saying that “in today’s meta it’s really really good.”

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If you’re also looking to try out the AMAX, make sure you check out our best loadout for it.

So, with that being said, we could be seeing a revival for the AMAX in Warzone’s final season of the Black Ops Cold War integration. However, this may not last long as weapons like the STG44 and MP40 make their way into Warzone from Vanguard.

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Image Credits: FaZe Swagg / Raven Software / Activision