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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players fear Resurgence map won’t “save” the game

Warzone 2 players can’t wait for a Resurgence map to arrive, but fear the game’s mechanics won’t work on a smaller map.



Rebirth Island in Warzone

While many players are desperate for Warzone 2 to introduce a Resurgence map, they fear that not even an action-packed Rebirth Island-style mode will “save” the game.

There are a ton of leaks and rumors surrounding a Resurgence map similar to Rebirth Island hitting Warzone 2 with February’s Season 2 update. The devs have all but confirmed that another small map is on the way, but players are concerned that the mode won’t play well with Warzone 2’s mechanics.

Popular Call of Duty insider TheGhostofHope took to Twitter to discuss how if all of Warzone 2’s mechanics are the same when the Resurgence map arrives, “then I expect to see a spike in player counts and then a massive fall off again because it’s nothing like WZ1s iteration of Resurgence which actually played well.”

They believe that there’s going to be a ton of frustration thanks to mechanics such as the “low TTK, no plating while sprinting, slow movement, backpack looting, 2 plate vs 3 plate,” which will cause players to die when they wouldn’t have in Warzone 1’s Resurgence modes.

After a player joked that the devs “think just farting out a Resurgence map will save the game,” Hope theorized that while it’ll bring in a lot of players, “it’ll result in an even bigger drop in playercount assuming current state of game translates to Resurgence.”

Hope isn’t alone in his worries, with other players sharing the same sentiment. “The looting and plating alone will make it rough,” said one player, with another believing that Warzone 2 is “too clunky and slow” for a small map to work.

However, some are hopeful that the devs will use Resurgence as a testing ground for new Warzone 2 mechanics, similar to Vanguard Royale from the original game. Here, they could trial increased TTK and different looting mechanics, but there’s far from any guarantee that’ll happen.

While the developers have teased that another small map is coming to Warzone 2, everything else is just leaks and rumors for now. We should know much more in the run-up to Warzone 2’s Season 2 update.

Image Credit: Activision