Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed by Warzone’s map updates

Hamza Khalid
Dr Disrespect talks about Warzone Season 3

Popular CoD streamer Dr Disrespect dived into Warzone’s Season 3 update, and he’s extremely disappointed by the various map changes in the new 80s-themed Verdansk.

Warzone’s Season 3 update has completely revamped Verdansk with 80s-centric makeover. The map now features a total of seven new POIs, with five locations getting some major updates to give fans a memorable experience.

While some players are happy with these changes, a few are a bit disappointed as they expected more. Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, commonly known by his online alias Dr Disrespect, voiced his grievances with the map updates

Warzone Season 3's new map

Verdansk ’84 has completely torn apart Stadium, and Dr Disrespect tried out the new Warzone map. His followers asked him about his thoughts on the controversial new Gulag set-up.

“I like it,” he said about the Gulag changes. “Outside of the map changes, the ground loot is cool, the Gulag is okay. Am I blown away? No, man. I honestly wanted a completely different map. I wanted to feel like I’m traveling through a completely different area of the world.”

After a while, he added that he was disappointed by the map updates, as he feels that the developers could’ve done more in that timeframe.

Timestamp of 6:18:15

Since the new Verdansk layout just arrived, we don’t expect it to go through any more major changes for a while. Which means that Dr Disrespect will have to wait for quite some time for a different map experience.

Meanwhile, with Season 3 finally underway, we can expect a ton of cool new additions in the coming weeks and months. There’s even a massive crossover event with CoD: Mobile that’s currently underway, with some exclusive rewards.

We’ll keep checking for more Warzone Season 3 news, and will update you about anything that’s announced.

Image Credits: Activision/Dr Disrespect

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