Dr Disrespect explains Warzone controller players’ advantage over Roze skins

Liam Mackay
Dr Disrespect Roze skin

Since its arrival, the Roze skin has been infuriating Warzone players, and streamers Dr Disrespect and Zack “ZLaner” Lane explained why controller players have an advantage against players using the skin.

Since Roze’s Rook skin was added in the Modern Warfare Season 5 Battle Pass, Warzone players have long used it to blend in with the environment. Raven Software sought to nerf the skin going into Season 3, making changes to the skin itself and brightening the darker areas of Verdansk ’84.

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However, players believe the changes aren’t enough, and top streamer Dr Disrespect has weighed in, saying that it’s less of a problem for controller players.

Roze skin Warzone

While fighting in Superstore for Atlanta FaZe’s Gold Rush Warzone tournament, Dr Disrespect was killed by a player rocking the Roze skin. As Doc pushed the player, their erratic movement combined with the dark shadows made them next to impossible to track. Doc missed his shots and lost the gunfight, saying “he disappeared on me.”

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“I have no excuse other than I can’t track a shadow that blends in with a shadow, I just can’t on a mouse and keyboard,” Dr Disrespect explained. “Maybe on a controller, let that aim assist kind of lock on for you and you just close your eyes… but mouse and keyboard, if I lose them, oh man, it’s hard to recover.”

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Timestamp: 18:05

While Doc may have just been poking fun at the aim assist debate, ZLaner agreed with his statement. “This game has that massive disadvantage of people being able to use [dark colored skins], and then you hide in a shadow and you’re untraceable,” described ZLaner. “But if you are on a controller, you have aim assist, so you can at least play off that.”

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Since crossplay has become commonplace, players have often argued whether mouse and keyboard or controller provides the biggest advantages. But with the aim assist bubble still being able to recognize a Roze skin where a player can’t, perhaps controller players have the advantage in this specific situation.

Dr Disrespect has said he’s taking a break from Warzone but has also admitted that he likes the new map, so we’ll need to see what’s next for the YouTube streamer.

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Image Credit: Dr Disrespect / Activision

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