Crazy Warzone glitch lets players see enemies through walls

Andrew Highton

A new Warzone wall glitch has been found that makes enemies visible through surfaces and walls. It’s another problem on top of an ever-building pile of bugs and glitches in Warzone.

It seems we can’t go a day or two without having to cover a significant Warzone glitch in Infinity Ward’s battle royale bonanza. This new glitch provides an unfair advantage to players and it shouldn’t be a thing, but this is the case as another type of wall glitch has been found.

The error comes as a result of the Flashlight attachment causing clipping issues that sells a player out without them ever knowing they had a problem.

fighting in stadium in warzone cod

Warzone wall glitch

This is definitely not the first example of a Warzone glitch, and it’s not even the only isolated example of walls and surfaces being the primary cause of an issue.

Very recently we covered a truly bizarre bug that allowed one poor unsuspecting player to be gunned down through a solid brick wall with absolutely no indication as to why he died until the Killcam revealed all – literally.

The latest incarnation of wall glitch isn’t as critical and game-breaking as the one before, but it’s still one that is going to get a lot of people killed, needlessly. Reddit user Swiftler79 shared his experience with social media and everyone could see the potential problem this causes.

Our player’s enemy is in the room on the opposite side of the door, but that becomes very apparent as a mystical light starts to shine through the wall. The opposition player makes the mistake of opening the door as our user is already primed and ready to pepper them full of holes.

This is just one of those lazy clipping issues that can probably be amended with a quick hotfix. But in the meantime, it does force anyone wanting to use the Flashlight to capitalize on the darker areas of the game to either risk it or use something else for now.

Image credits: Infinity Ward