CoD Warzone: how to unlock the ‘Hazardous’ Blueprint fast

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s how to finish the newest Call of Duty Warzone event quickly so you can get yourself all the rewards in a flash!

Call of Duty Warzone’s Rebirth Island event is full of great rewards for players to obtain until January 4, 2021. At the end of the event, you can unlock the exclusive “Hazardous” Blueprint for use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone for the Krig 6.

All Challenges and rewards

Some of these challenges will be completed through regular gameplay. Some though, are a bit more difficult and will require various strategies and patience to complete.

Please note that all challenges must be completed on the Rebirth Island Warzone map. For today’s tips, we’ll be using YouTuber Sahsouh’s video.

  • Pilot a Vehicle for 20 minutes BRB Calling Card
    • This one is easier than it looks. Hop in a Helicopter and just hover in the air for as long as possible. Try to go to the edge of the circle if you can. If helicopters are all taken, grab a car.
  • Complete any 30 contractsExperimentation Calling Card
    • Do Scavenger contracts as fast as possible with your squad fresh off spawn. Try to go to lower populated areas.
  • Buy 30 Killstream items Corrosive Charm
    • When a firesale triggers (they happen every game) spam buy UAV’s.
  • Open 100 CratesBrother Bear Emblem
  • Collect 200 piles of Plunder (cash) from the groundAgain! Sticker
  • Collect your loadout 20 times Shooting Star Emblem
  • Place in the top 30% 5 times
    • Simply put, if you’re not a good player… camp. Play the edge of a circle and just wait for players to get eliminated until you’re the top 30%. This shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Get 30 Kills with a Common weapon (Gray Weapons) Heroic Sacrifice Calling Card.
  • Get 30 Kills with a Legendary Weapon on (Purple Weapons)Hazard Warning Sticker
  • Get 2 kills or Assists while in a vehicleSoviet Space Program Calling Card
    • Currently, you can only run over enemies in cars or shoot them from the passenger seats. When the Attack Helicopter is added back to Warzone, we recommend you use the miniguns on it.
  • Destroy 1 Vehicles carrying enemiesLoading… Calling Card
    • Run an RPG and blast a squad in a car away.
  • Use 50 Armor PlatesRed Bear Sticker
  • Place in the top 30% 15 timesFamiliar Fortress Calling Card
  • Place in the top 30% 30 timesNoxious Legendary LMG Blueprint
  • Get a kill before the first circle closes 1 timeThunder Bolts Emblem
  • Kill 100 Downed enemiesReborn Rare Charm

Be sure to focus mostly on the hard challenges. The rest should follow suit. Good luck out there.

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