Clever Warzone trick makes “invisible” Roze skin easy to see

Warzone Roze Rook skin

If you’re tired of being ambushed by Warzone’s almost-invisible Roze skin, here’s a clever trick you can pull off to spot them in even the darkest corners of Verdansk.

Since its debut in Warzone Season 5’s Battle Pass, the all-black ‘Rook’ Roze skin has been declared “pay to win.”

While the Roze skin is quite small, the biggest advantage it provides is that it’s completely black. Players can hide in dark corners, such as the stairs in apartment buildings, to take their unwitting opponents by surprise.

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Players have called for its removal, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. It’s possible that Raven Software will make adjustments to the skin, as Epic Games have in the past, but in the meantime, players have taken matters into their own hands.

Roze's Rook skin in Warzone

By using a brightly colored spray, you can take away the ‘sweaty’ Roze players’ greatest advantage. As demonstrated by Reddit user TheMazilla, here’s how to make the Rook skin easy to see.

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  1. Find a Roze skin the pregame warmup
  2. Spray them with bright colors
  3. Repeat with more Roze skins until the timer runs out
  4. Enjoy the knowledge those Roze skins will be significantly easier to see

Unfortunately, if they die after being sprayed, they’ll lose their bright color scheme. Either find a more docile Roze skin that’s not trying to pop-off in the warmup, or give them a good spray during the last five seconds when damage is turned off.

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When they drop into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, their all-black outfit will now be one of the most flamboyant skins on the map.

It’s also worth doing this while waiting to enter the Gulag, too. Warzone Season 1’s Nuketown Gulag has a few dark corners Roze skins will try to hide in, so give them a bright-colored spray and they’ll be significantly easier to see.

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Warzone season 1 gulag

From the comments, it’s clear that some players have been sabotaging the “pay to win” skin for a while, so now you can do your part in helping to make Warzone a more even playing field by giving these skins a good old spray.

If your sprays aren’t showing up, make sure ‘Sprays and Bullet Impacts’ are enabled in the in-game settings.

Image Credit: Activision

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