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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

New Season 2 teasers appear in Warzone’s Verdansk, hint at new Cold War map

Warzone players have begun noticing teasers pointing to the addition of a new Black Ops Cold War themed Warzone map.



Teasers are appearing across Warzone’s Verdansk and Rebirth Island map, which could be hinting at the addition of Treyarch’s new Black Ops Cold War map.

Today, February 11, 2021, players have discovered that in the Warzone Rumble playlist, a mysterious computer, or more specifically the Trials computer from Black Ops Cold War Zombies has appeared inside of Verdansk’s hospital.

The computer currently has no known function, and merely shows the string “ZAI/Activate_Zombies” to the player when approached. When interacted with, there seems to be no effect.

In addition to this, players are now coming in contact yet again with static screen overlays while adventuring through the Rebirth Island Warzone map. Morse code can be heard in the background, as well as the sound of marching.

When translated by Twitter user “EricMaynard“, it was found that the morse code actually corresponds to a map coordinate, being Military Base. Currently, Bunker 11 remains unchanged according to YouTuber Geeky Pastimes, so for now this seems to be a dead end.

Previously, Military Base’s bunker 11 housed a nuclear warhead that was later stolen by Viktor Zakahev.

In Warzone’s intel, we tracked down Zakahev before he could launch a nuke armed with that stolen Warhead, and he is presumably killed in the final cutscene players were rewarded with after completing the final week of intel.

Perhaps these teasers could be bringing us back towards another Warzone event, similar to the “Know Your History” reveal event for Black Ops Cold War.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.