Clever Warzone Heartbeat Sensor nerf idea could destroy Ghost meta

Liam Mackay
Warzone Heartbeat sensor

The Heartbeat Sensor has long been one of Warzone’s most powerful gadgets, forcing players to use the Ghost Perk. However, a clever nerf idea could counter offer much more Perk and equipment variety.

Warzone’s Perk and equipment meta has almost never changed since its March 2020 launch. Although Raven Software added Tempered to the second Perk slot, according to WZ Ranked, Ghost is still used in 60% of loadouts.

And this is all because of the Heartbeat Sensor, which is also used in 60% of loadouts.

Ghost is currently the only counter to Heartbeat Sensors, but a clever nerf idea would limit its effectiveness, perhaps allowing for more Perk variety in Season 6.

Warzone heartbeat sensor

Reddit user XIDan1 suggested that the Heartbeat Sensor should have a battery that depletes with each use. Once dead, it could be charged through an Ammo Crate, or a new Sensor must be picked up.

It’s currently the only piece of Equipment with unlimited uses, so some pointed out that this would bring it in line with Stuns and Smokes.

The OP suggested that the Heartbeat Sensor nerf would counter campers, but many players disagreed. While campers do use the Heartbeat Sensor to spot any approaching enemies, they’re also extremely useful for rooting out players camping in an attic or staircase.

A few said that the nerf is unnecessary because you can use Ghost, but others said that this makes Ghost a “crutch perk.” With UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors readily available, players said you’re “at a massive disadvantage” if you don’t choose Ghost from your first loadout.

If the Heartbeat Sensors were less powerful, there might be a shift in Ghost’s pick rate, and plenty of other Perks could enter the meta. But, there’s no guarantee that a Heartbeat Sensor nerf would ultimately end the Ghost supremacy, as UAVs are still extremely powerful tools.

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Image Credit: Activision

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