Black Ops Cold War players want popular Modern Warfare sniper feature added

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone cold war snipers

Although the Warzone developers have recently updated the Black Ops Cold War snipers and optics, players are asking for one more feature to be added that would definitely improve the game’s quality of life.

Warzone pushed an update on June 3, which made a controversial change in removing the Specialist Bonus from the game and closing the vault at Nakatomi Plaza. Still, it seems players wanted another change that wasn’t addressed.

Although certain Black Ops Cold War optics and snipers were reworked in the May 27 update, players are now asking for a feature from the Modern Warfare game available for Modern Warfare snipers to be added for the Cold War ones.

warzone cold war snipers

Reddit user Dabaroonskii expressed his views towards a certain Modern Warfare sniper feature that isn’t available for the Black Ops Cold War snipers.

He says that “It’s pretty dumb we can’t adjust sniper reticles in this game with the default scope attachment (as we could in MW),” a feature that many love and use for their Modern Warfare snipers.

The post even gave an example of a certain reticle the player enjoyed using, “I don’t understand the point of them taking that out, I enjoy(ed) using the blue dot when sniping in mw and would love to grind for reticles to use on the Cold War snipers as it’s just boring always having the same default reticle on game in game out.”

Although it is a fairly small feature, it would add more variety and customization to the game, especially to those used to the MW weapons. Now Warzone is focusing on Black Ops Cold War weapons. With the removal of MW weapons in floor loot, it would make sense to add the same liberties available on the Modern Warfare weapons.

However, as we know, Warzone has a huge player base, and it is no doubt difficult to satisfy the majority, especially with so many bigger issues to tend to. However, little changes like this would go a long way in the community regarding the game’s quality of life.

That’s all on the reticle feature not being available for BOCW weapons in Warzone. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on Warzone Loadout Cards.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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