Bizarre Warzone 2 dolphin dive glitch instantly teleports players across the map

Warzone 2 player performing dolphin dive

Warzone 2 players are always discovering crazy glitches around Al Mazrah, and the latest is instantly teleporting them across the map when attempting a dolphin dive.

Warzone 2 got off to a promising start when it arrived in November 2022, with players heaping praise onto the new Al Mazrah map and the varied arsenal of weapons. However, there have been a number of problems that the community has picked out and called to be fixed.

One of the major issues has been the many bugs that have been plaguing matches, from invincibility glitches to players being killed instantly when riding the train.

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Now, a Warzone 2 bug has cropped up that immediately teleports players across Al Mazrah when they attempt a dolphin dive.

Reddit user ‘LilUziSteph’ uploaded a clip of the glitch in action during a match. The player was running across the wilderness with their squad, switching weapons and dolphin diving for faster movement.

All seemed normal until they tried to leap through a window into a building, when they suddenly found themselves back outside laying in the dirt.

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Once they popped open the map, they realized they had actually been transported to a completely different part of the map – hundreds of meters away from the rest of their squad. This left the “baffled” player with nothing to do but make their way back over to regroup.

While this glitch was clearly caused by attempting to dive through the window, it’s unclear whether or not it was the building itself that was bugged or something that the player did unintentionally.

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Thankfully, it didn’t seem to cause too much harm to their game and players were able to see the funny side, with ‘SyntheticShowroom’ joking that they “dove right into the space-time continuum.”

Only time will tell if this teleportation glitch is a one-off incident or the start of a recurring problem, but both the community and the developers will be hoping it doesn’t start to disrupt more matches.

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Image credit: Activision