Warzone 2 devs respond to Plunder glitch giving massive K/D boosts

Warzone 2 Operator standing in Al Mazrah

Warzone 2 Season 3 has finally brought back the fan-favorite Plunder game mode, but a strange glitch is giving players huge K/D boosts. Luckily the developers have addressed and responded to the issue.

Plunder is the perfect game mode for Warzone 2 players to level up their weapons and have some fun as they take advantage of its infinite respawns and pre-selected loadouts. While this game mode was absent at launch, it has finally returned in Season 3.

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The Warzone 2 version of this game mode features plenty of new changes for players to explore, but a glitch popped up that was tracking stats incorrectly in Plunder, and this caught the attention of the devs.

This glitch caused Plunder stats to be applied to Battle Royale stats in Warzone 2, granting players massive boosts to their overall Kill/Death ratio. The developers confirmed on Twitter that they’re currently investigating this issue.

A long-running joke among Call of Duty players is that Plunder is made for less-skilled users, and Raven Software joined in on the joke by tweeting: “Some of you are about to have very sus K/D. Just saying!”

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At the time of writing, the developers haven’t confirmed when exactly a fix will be implemented for this issue, but it’s reassuring to know that they’re aware of it and are working to make sure it does not happen again.

As soon as they add the fix for this glitch in Warzone 2, we’ll be sure you let you know. When Plunder arrived in the Season 3 update, the changes included the addition of AI combatants similar to those you encounter in DMZ.

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There are also various Plunder events for players to participate in, such as Blood Money, Heat, Contractor, and Money Siphon. As soon as this glitch is dealt with, players will be able to enjoy this new content while having their stats tracked correctly.

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Image credits: Activision