Best M1 Garand loadout Blueprint for CoD: Warzone Season 6

Liam Mackay
M1 Garand in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s M1 Garand has arrived early in Warzone Season 6, offering two Blueprints for players to experiment with. The attachments can’t be changed, but we’ve got the best M1 Garand Blueprint you can use in your loadout.

Warzone players were confused when Vanguard’s M1 Garand and STG44 appeared in Warzone at the start of Season 6, but they became unlockable in a Battle Pass update on October 12.

Although you can bring these M1 Garand and STG44 Blueprints into Warzone, you can’t customize them in any way. The M1 Garand Blueprints are well worth using, so we’ve picked the best Blueprint you should bring to Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

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Best Warzone M1 Garand Blueprint

Warzone M1 garand heirloom blueprint

The best Blueprint you can run with Warzone’s M1 Garand is the Heirloom. Although it has high visual recoil, the real recoil is almost non-existent, meaning it can melt through enemies at medium range.

The other Vanguard Blueprint, the White Obsidian, is also an extremely powerful choice and there isn’t much separating the two weapons.

Warzone M1 Garand Heirloom Blueprint attachments

M1 Garand heirloom blueprint attachments
  • Muzzle: Mk. 2 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Cooper 25″ Custom
  • Optic: SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
  • Stock: Cooper Adjustable
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: Extended Mags
  • Rear Grip: Grooved Reargrip
  • Perk 1: Acquisition Perk 1

What sets the Heirloom Blueprint apart from the earlier White Obsidian is that it uses up more attachment slots. Vanguard weapons can equip ten attachments, and the Heirloom takes advantage of eight of them.

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There’s no way of knowing exactly what each attachment does yet, but combined, this makes for a dominant medium-range loadout. The only issue is the visual recoil, which makes tracking targets at long-range difficult.

And the Extended Mags are especially useful when you’re caught at close range and a reload could mean certain death.

Best Perks to use with the M1 Garand in Warzone

combat scout perk in warzone
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Ghost
  • Perk 3: Combat Scout

It’s hard to go wrong with E.O.D in the Perk 1 slot, as it will allow you to survive a barrage of explosives.

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Ghost is the obvious choice for Perk 2, as it’s arguably the most powerful Perk in the game, keeping you hidden from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors.

And for the final Perk, Combat Scout will both highlight and live ping your target. This will be especially useful for keeping track of your target when dealing with the high visual recoil.

How to unlock the M1 Garand in Warzone Season 6

m1 garand in Warzone Season 6 battle pass

The M1 Garand Blueprints can be unlocked for free in the Season 6 Battle Pass, with the White Obsidian unlocked at Tier 34 and the Heirloom unlocked at Tier 72.

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And because they’re free, you simply need to play the game enough to reach the Tiers, and then they’ll be available for you in both Warzone and Vanguard when it releases.

Best alternatives to the M1 Garand in Warzone Season 6

The M1 Garand will suit you well for medium-range fights, and there are several other weapons that fit this category. Until you unlock the Garand, you could use Cold War’s DMR 14 to warm up your trigger finger and get used to semi-automatic rifles. Or, you could use the FARA 83 which is still a solid, low-recoil weapon.

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Once Vanguard integrates with Warzone later in the year, you’ll be able to customize the M1 Garand and STG44 to your liking on the brand-new Pacific-themed map.

Image Credit: Activision

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