Best Cold War MP5 loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 6

Liam Mackay
Best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s MP5 is a great close-range choice in CoD: Warzone Season 6, so here are the attachments and Perks to make the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout.

The MP5 has been a fan-favorite weapon in almost every Call of Duty title. It hasn’t lost any of its power in Warzone, being a powerful choice for close-range combat across Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

With selections such as the MAC-10, OTs 9, and Bullfrog, SMGs are extremely viable as secondary weapons again. As it’s one of the first weapons you unlock, the MP5 is an excellent choice for beginners and veterans alike.

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Here are the attachments, Perks, and equipment to make the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout in Warzone Season 6.

Best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout

Best Cold War Warzone MP5 loadout

Best Cold War MP5 Warzone loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Radier Stock
  • Grip: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 50 Rnd Drum

The best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout is built to dominate at close range. Pair it with a long-range rifle such as the Krig 6, or if you’re especially confident with your aim, a Sniper Rifle. You can quickly switch to it if your primary weapon is out of ammo or use it in close-quarters situations.

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First, we’ve added the Agency Suppressor to the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout. This works similarly to the Monolithic Suppressor from Modern Warfare, which increases the weapons range while hiding you from the minimap.

As the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout is best suited for getting in the enemy’s face, we’ve opted for no barrel and instead added the Raider Stock for extra mobility.

To make the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout as accurate as possible, you should add the Field Agent Grip, which helps with horizontal and vertical recoil control. And for some extra mobility, the Tiger Team Spotlight significantly boosts movement speed and walking while ADSing.

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For ammunition, the STANAG 50 Rnd Drum mag is ideal. You can down several enemies without ever having to reload, and it doesn’t give any significant negatives to ADS speed.

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Best Perks & equipment to use with Warzone MP5 class

best warzone cold war mp5 class
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: High Alert
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

A major part of Warzone is the lethal equipment at your disposal. Before pushing a room, enemies will lob a bombardment of grenades, rockets, and explosives inside. If you have any hope of surviving, you’ll need the E.O.D perk equipped.

The best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout is best suited for aggressive players, and High Alert is now a great option. The Perk will alert you when an enemy outside of your vision looks at you, and you’ll be able to hear Dead Silence footsteps. Dead Silence is one of the most powerful pickups in Warzone, so countering it is a huge advantage.

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There’s nothing worse than running out of ammo in a firefight, where you’ll need to swap weapons to have a chance quickly. So for Perk 3, the Amped Perk will allow you to swap weapons insanely fast, which is vital in Warzone.

And for equipment, the Semtex is perfect for getting some early damage when pushing enemies, and the Heartbeat Sensor will locate anyone without the Ghost Perk.

Warzone Cold War MP5 weapon stats

ADS Time: 200msFire Rate: 854 rpmReload Time: 2.48s
Sprint to Fire Time: 117msBullet Velocity: 350 m/sADS Movement: 2.94 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 9m): 44 Headshot Damage (9m +): 34

Most recent buffs and nerfs to Cold War MP5 in Warzone

Cold War’s MP5 was last tweaked in the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update, where it received a small but significant nerf.

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  • Submachine Gun Alpha (BOCW)
    • Maximum Damage decreased from 33 to 31
    • Minimum Damage decreased from 25 to 24

How to unlock the Cold War MP5

best warzone cold war mp5 loadout

To unlock the Cold War MP5 in Warzone, you simply need to reach Level 4 in either game.

You’ll manage to earn it after only a few matches, then once you’ve unlocked it, give it a try in Warzone.

Best alternatives

The MP5 is best suited for close-range combat, but there are plenty other powerful choices in Warzone Season 6. The AS VAL tears through players at close range, or you could use Modern Warfare’s MP5.

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Use the best Warzone Cold War MP5 loadout, and you’ll find yourself running one of the best SMGs Warzone has to offer.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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