Vanguard Zombies players slam “embarrassing” lack of content at launch

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The reception to Vanguard’s Zombies launch has been largely negative with players, including YouTubers Syndicate and MrRoflWaffles, bemoaning a lack of multiple features at launch.

Vanguard is officially out, and so is its new Der Anfang map. However, despite several promising trailers and teasers, the community hasn’t warmed to Vanguard’s Zombies just yet.

The Call of Duty Zombies community is a very passionate one as a lot of them don’t care for CoD’s traditional multiplayer roots and instead enjoy partying up to mow down thousands of the undead.

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Players are lamenting a lack of several key gameplay features that they expect from CoD Zombies to the point that a couple of the community’s key YouTube content creators Syndicate and MrRoflWaffles have shown their displeasure.

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A Tweet from CoD YouTuber Syndicate got the alarm bells ringing after he had obviously had early access to Vanguard and had been able to gather his thoughts about the state of its Zombies.

He said that Vanguard’s Zombies was “worse than BO4 without a doubt” and that “Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies is an absolute L that has been handed to the community.”

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But Syndicate wasn’t alone in his thoughts, Milo AKA MrRoflWaffles is another renowned YouTuber and has also been playing Vanguard Zombies. A Reddit post featured a cut-down clip showing his thoughts on the new Zombies experience so far.

Milo advised to players and fans watching his stream: “I’m gonna be straight with you here, just don’t buy the game yet. Just don’t buy the game yet. If you’re buying it for Zombies, just don’t.”

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He goes on to say that players should wait for a free Zombies weekend to give it a go before buying Vanguard just for Zombies.

To summarize the disappointment towards Vanguard’s Zombies new hybrid Zombies mode, a Reddit post on the CoD Zombies subreddit went through and listed every missing feature from Vanguard’s Zombies launch that was present at Black Ops Cold War’s.

It listed numerous items such as no round-based map, no Wonder Weapons, fewer Perks, no Scorestreaks or skill trees, and more.

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One of the strongest comments had this to say about the list: “They should have just skipped Zombies this year. This is an embarrassment of a project.”

Needless to say that Treyarch will be aware of the initial reception to Vanguard’s Zombies, and they likely already had a ton of this content in the pipeline.

Given that Forsaken was released only a month or so before the end of Cold War and the start of Vanguard, the quick turnaround may have proved to be too much.

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Although, with some time to go, Treyarch could always drop new content for the launch of Vanguard and Warzone Season 1.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch / MrRoflWaffles