Vanguard players reveal features they don’t want to see in Modern Warfare 2

Liam Mackay
Vanguard Solange and Modern Warfare Alex

Without reinventing the wheel, Vanguard brought some major gameplay changes to Call of Duty. However, not all of them have been looked upon favorably, and players have revealed the Vanguard features they don’t want to see in Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been confirmed for 2022, likely continuing Task Force 141’s story. But as with every CoD game, its multiplayer is at the forefront of players’ minds. While Vanguard introduced several new features and mechanics, not all of them have gone down well with the community.

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With Modern Warfare 2 releasing later this year, players discussed the “annoying” Vanguard features they don’t want to see return in CoD 2022.

vanguard season 2 operator

‘ettlinger77’ kicked off the discussion on Vanguard’s subreddit, asking players: “What’s the most annoying thing about vanguard you hope they don’t repeat in future titles?”

The OP said their ‘pet hate’ for Vanguard is “player collision in doorways/tight areas.” They bemoaned the times when they were killed when getting caught on another player, and also brought up how “windows are a nightmare to get through most times.”

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Players joined the comment section to reveal the Vanguard mechanics they hope are left out of 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

70 weapon levels on Vanguard guns

One of the main features that Vanguard players don’t want to see return in Modern Warfare 2 is “70 weapon levels.” Each Vanguard weapon has 70 weapon levels to climb, and players complained that it’s “so tedious trying to level a gun up to 70 without double xp.”

However, with reports that Modern Warfare 2 will have two years worth of content, players are worried that the weapon grind will be even longer. “MW having two years doesn’t make it as bad, but ugh 60-70 levels is still just an unnecessary grind,” said ‘bicyclebread.’

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Players said they wouldn’t mind the same amount of attachments, but would rather unlock several per level.

No factions in Vanguard multiplayer

Even before Vanguard was released, the community was split on the decision to have no factions and instead, have the Allies duking it out against each other.

As ‘EvilLittle’ explains, it makes “perfect sense” that factions were ditched for Vanguard. The new business model is all about selling skins for different Operators, and they “don’t want to sell Wehrmacht operator skins.”

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While the decision does make sense, players find it “ridiculous when 6 people in a lobby have the same skin and half are on my side, half on the other.” This only gets worse in Hardcore, where you can accidentally kill your teammates if two players on opposite teams have the same skin.

Vanguard’s MVP screen

One of the most heavily criticized Vanguard features is the new MVP screen, and players hope it doesn’t make its way to Modern Warfare 2.

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A poll revealed that 75% of Vanguard players want the MVP screen removed as they’re completely fed up with having to watch three animations and then vote for the best player. ‘three-sense’ said “We’ve all spent hours blankly staring at a voting screen at this point,” and they don’t want to see it again in Modern Warfare 2.

There’s no way of knowing what mechanics or features Infinity Ward have planned for Modern Warfare 2, but stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all of the future updates.

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