Vanguard players furious with Warzone-exclusive Godzilla vs Kong event

Liam Mackay
king kong operator skin in cod vanguard

Call of Duty Warzone’s Operation Monarch Godzilla vs King Kong event has arrived in Caldera, but with it being a Warzone-exclusive event, Vanguard players feel that they have been ignored.

During Cold War’s lifecycle, the major events such as the 80s Action Heroes and The Haunting had challenges across both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, with unique rewards to earn in each game.

The latest seasonal event has arrived in Warzone, with King Kong and Godzilla wreaking havoc in Caldera as part of Operation Monarch. While the event was only ever advertised for Warzone, Vanguard players are furious to not have received any new content for the King Kong Godzilla event.

call of duty warzone operation monarch event

Activision have acknowledged that Vanguard underperformed, with Warzone arguably becoming the face of the Call of Duty franchise. But, Warzone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and Vanguard still has a dedicated player base across both multiplayer and Ranked Play.

These Vanguard players are furious that, aside from the Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla bundles, the Operation Monarch event is Warzone-exclusive.

Reddit user Mattykos kicked off the discussion by asking: “Did we really get nothing for the new event?” Expressing their disappointment with Season 3’s content, they said that Vanguard not being part of the event “really feels like they have spat in my face.”

“They did say it was going to be a warzone event,” replied IQuietIQ. “But it is disappointing as vanguard doesn’t get any sort of event other than bundles.”

“At the very least they could have included some challenges in VG, and let you win the prizes by playing MP instead of WZ,” argued zorgnaf. “They wouldn’t have even had to do any work or add any new content for that.”

Players are convinced that Vanguard won’t get any more events throughout the year, but we’ll need to wait and see what Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have in store for Season 4 and beyond.

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