Game-breaking Vanguard “X-Ray” wallhack glitch lets players see enemies through walls

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard operator aiming sniper

A bizarre game-breaking X-Ray glitch has popped up and is ruining matches in Vanguard by letting players see their opponents through walls.

Vanguard players are no strangers to strange glitches that pop up at complete random and have strange effects such as making players spontaneously combust or causing them to punch themselves in the face.

Sometimes these glitches are just mildly irritating or slightly amusing, but other times they can give players an unfair advantage and completely ruin matches. Now, players are being plagued by another game-breaking glitch.

Reddit user ‘Beautiful_Local_2257’ posted a nearly 3-minute-long video to the Vanguard subreddit, and it shows them using a strange ‘X-Ray’ glitch to eliminate enemies through walls and other surfaces.

Throughout the video, the Redditor would aim down sights with their Sniper Rifle and turn the camera after moving to a certain distance. This resulted in destructible objects disappearing on the spot where they first aim.

As a result, the player is able to see through solid surfaces and take out their opponents from a distance, even if they are hiding behind a closed door, wall, or other surfaces. The exact distance required to pull this off is currently unclear.

This glitch isn’t just restricted to one location either, since the Redditor was able to exploit it on multiple maps in the video. Since each map in Vanguard features breakable surfaces for players to see through, this could easily become a widespread problem.

Vanguard does come with the option to disable all destructible elements in a custom game, but this would only be a temporary solution. The glitch could be even more disastrous if players use it in an official CDL match.

At the time of writing, Sledgehammer Games haven’t confirmed that a fix for this glitch is on its way. They’ll need to patch up this issue soon if they want to prevent players from ruining entire matches.

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Image credits: Sledgehammer Games

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