CoD: Vanguard players are fuming over “frustrating” Atomic camo grind

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard mastery camo and operator

CoD: Vanguard’s Atomic mastery camo is notoriously difficult to acquire, and players are expressing their frustration with the camo’s controversial unlock challenge.

Unlocking new weapon skins in multiplayer is one of the most fun aspects of playing a Call of Duty title, and mastery camo skins require you to grind for several games before you can acquire them.

Vanguard’s incredible Atomic mastery camo is locked behind a notoriously difficult challenge, and players are fuming over how long it takes for them to get their hands on this valuable weapon skin.

Atomic camo in Vanguard

Reddit user ‘sofasonics’ posted a rant about weapon camos in the CoD: Vanguard subreddit, stating that a Level 60 challenge requires them to use an attachment that becomes unlocked at Level 68.

Many of the commenters criticized the Atomic camo challenge, with one player calling it “beyond frustrating” as it requires you to unlock Diamond camos in every weapon class, from Assault Rifles all the way to Melee weapons.

One user left this challenge because it was taking a long time to complete: “I gave up on grinding Atomic after they fixed Panzerfaust 3 killstreak challenge and I had just started grinding Marksman and Sniper Rifles.”

The Vanguard Atomic camo challenge has come under fire from players before, and the developers made changes to the unlock requirements in response. However, that hasn’t made players less upset with the difficulty.

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Some players were demotivated from playing because of this challenge, with one user commenting: “I just wanna say I finished Atomic and don’t feel like playing the [multiplayer] ever again.”

You can try speeding up this process by trying out this useful trick involving DLC weapons which makes it much easier to acquire Diamond camo on melee weapons, but you’ll still need to do some serious grinding.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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