Call of Duty: Vanguard Warzone map details leak: New vehicles, POIs & destruction

Liam Mackay
Warzone WW2 map leaks

More information surrounding Call of Duty: Vanguard’s WWII-themed Warzone map has leaked, teasing destruction, new vehicles, and a massive POI.

Activision are yet to officially reveal Call of Duty 2021, but we know it’s being developed by Sledgehammer Games and is reportedly titled “Call of Duty: Vanguard.” VGC recently reported that Vanguard and Warzone will integrate at launch, bringing a WWII-themed Warzone map set in the Pacific.

Now, notable leaker Tom Henderson, who revealed a ton of accurate details about Battlefield 2042, has leaked more information surrounding Vanguard.

Here’s everything Tom Henderson said about Vanguard’s WWII-themed Warzone map.

Massive new Warzone map with Vanguard’s launch

Warzone players dropping into Verdansk 84

While VGC originally broke the news, Tom Henderson has also heard that this WWII Warzone map will launch alongside Vanguard. Cold War integrated with Warzone a month after launch, and it wasn’t until the game’s third season that the battle royale map received a major overhaul.

Rather than another overhaul, Vanguard is allegedly set to bring its own map set in the Pacific, which is significantly larger than Verdansk. This isn’t to incorporate more players, but to “introduce more unique ways to play Warzone.” This matches his previous report that the new Warzone map will be “Firestorm with more players.”

Vanguard to bring new Warzone vehicles

Call of Duty Warzone armored trucks

In describing these new gameplay experiences, Henderson said that the WWII-themed map will bring new vehicles. Warzone recently saw Armored Trucks and the new Dirt Bike, but Vanguard is said to bring “planes, tanks, and boats.”

A tank is sure to significantly change CoD’s battle royale experience, but he has heard that the potentially game-breaking vehicles will likely be reserved for LTMs.

Vanguard Warzone map to feature destructible environments

Brand-new to Call of Duty, Henderson has also reported that the Vanguard map will feature “destructible environments.”

Rather than featuring Battlefield’s full-on destruction, Henderson said that it will resemble Rainbow Six Siege, where you’re able to destroy walls, doors, trees, and other parts of the environment. This could significantly up Warzone’s pace, as there will likely be far fewer safe places to hide.

Battleship POI

Vanguard’s Warzone map POIs have reportedly leaked online, but Henderson said that the list of locations might be out of date now. He’s heard that areas such as Docks have been changed and instead, a massive Japanese battleship will be featured on the map.

Vanguard is expected to be revealed inside Warzone in a similar fashion to Black Ops Cold War, so check out everything we know about its live reveal.

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