What is Modern Warfare 2’s leaked Havoc mode?

Naseer Abbas
Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 Operator

A new Havoc mode has been added to Modern Warfare 2 files which could grant players exciting new abilities, according to recent leaks. Here’s how you can become a supersoldier with the incrementing gameplay modifiers in the new leaked game mode.

Activision seem to always be working on electrifying new updates for fans and it looks like they’ve really cooked up something thrilling this time for Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 players. According to leaked sources, Activision will be introducing a brand-new game mode to the first-person shooter game, though officials are yet to confirm the new mode.  

Called “Havoc,” the new mode is expected to take gameplay to the next level in Modern Warfare 2. Is it really worth the buzz? Let’s find out!

Modern Warfare 2 leaked Havoc mode explained

The secret Modern Warfare 2 footage was first shared on a private Telegram and then re-uploaded to Twitter by user BoBNetworkUk. The tweet broke the news of the exciting new mode added to MWII files as pointed out by user CODSploitz. 

Called “Havoc,” players will eliminate the enemy with incrementing gameplay modifiers in the recently developed game mode. 

All leaked Modern Warfare 2 Havoc Modifiers

Speaking of modifiers, there are a couple of them featured in the leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage that can be unlocked with kills. Players picked up 5 modifiers in the game, which have been listed down below. 

  • Perspective Shift: Changes the character’s viewpoint to third-person, allowing players to observe their surroundings from an outside perspective. 
  • Ammo Feeder: Automatically reloads the weapon on kills. 
  • Hero Landing: Lets the character set off an explosion from a high vantage point. 
  • Eyes on: Keeps Advanced UAV always on, providing next-level surveillance. 
  • Boots of the Ground: Gives the character anti-gravity ability, though the exact details are unknown. 

Modern Warfare 2 leaked Havoc mode expected release date

Activision are yet to comment on the recent leak, though it is expected that they will roll out the new mode with Season 4 Reloaded or maybe even Season 5.

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