Warzone streamer Skullface49 becomes first to unlock Orion camo in Modern Warfare 2

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 orion camo

A Warzone streamer by the name of Skullface49 has become the first player to unlock the Orion camo in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 launched on October 28, giving players just under a week to get to grips with the new multiplayer. While some players are still getting used to the new changes, such as the new Perk system and weapon platforms, others are storming through the ranks and unlocking camos.

The camo grind is a massive part of Call of Duty multiplayer, and Modern Warfare 2 certainly scratches that itch. While it may come as a surprise, one player has already completed the grind, unlocking the final Orion camo.

Warzone streamer Skullface49 is officially the first player to unlock the Orion camo in Modern Warfare 2, completing every weapon camo in order to do so.

It’s taken the player just six days to unlock the final camo in the game, which is pretty crazy. In under a week the player has managed to grind and unlock every camo for every weapon in the game, including Assault Rifles, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles.

This is certainly not an easy feat, but with players figuring out optimal ways to grind through Weapon Levels through Invasion and various other methods, there’s definitely a method to the camo grind madness.

Comments under CharlieIntel’s Twitter post show just how insane this achievement is, especially as there’s some competition from other who are also racing to be the first to unlock the mastery camo. One user says “Impressive, especially seeing Reid had an 18 hour head start – GG skull.”

Now Skullface49 will be able to flaunt this mastery camo in Warzone 2.0, which drops along with Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

Image Credits: Activision