Warzone 2 & MW2 players roast “disgusting” Rat Pack skin in Season 3 Reloaded

Nathan Warby
Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Operator

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded is set to bring the new Rat Pack bundle, but players have slammed the “garbage” skin for moving too far away from the game’s tone.

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded due to arrive on May 10, the devs have begun to reveal what’s in store in the mid-season update.

Battle royale players are receiving the long-awaited Warzone 2 Ranked Play, while Modern Warfare 2 is receiving the new Alboran Hatchery 6v6 map and the 3v3 Gunfight variation called Faceoff.

As you’d expect, there will also be a series of new bundles arriving on the store, but the WSOW Rat Pack skin has sparked plenty of anger within the community.

Following the reveal of the Rat Pack bundle in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded blog, Reddit user ‘Short_Ad3554’ shared an image of the skin simply titled: “No way…”

Players in the comments were quick to pile on the Cheesy Operator outfit, which features a furry rat’s head on the body of a human character.

“They are just absolutely s***ting out bundles day after day,” said ‘SeaBreath692, with another replying: “None of them are ever good, none of this is good. All of this s**t is f**king garbage that isn’t worth a single penny.”

Meanwhile, some compared the skin to a popular Disney character: “You mean you don’t want a disgusting Ratatouille jump-shotting you around a corner??”

One of the main criticisms of the Rat Pack bundle was that it feels at odds with the gritty tone that the devs are going for in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

“I absolutely hated on Blops 4 was so out-of-characters with all of the bunny & unicorn BS and now they are doing it with this series,” said ‘AMRAAM_Missiles.’ “I miss MW (2019) so much. Most of the bundles are at least still within the realm of fun/believable.”

Meanwhile, others accused the game of “turning into Fortnite” as more and more bizarre skins start to make their way onto the CoD Store.

The price of the Rat Pack bundle is yet to be revealed, but it will likely be around the 2,400 CoD Point mark when it arrives in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded.

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Image credit: Activision

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