Swagg, JGOD, Dr Disrespect slam Modern Warfare 2’s “CoD 4” style movement

Liam Mackay
modern warfare 2 player with fss hurricane

Modern Warfare 2 has significantly slowed down movement by removing slide canceling and bunny hopping, and top streamers such as FaZe Swagg, JGOD, and Dr Disrespect have slammed the “slow” system.

Ever since Modern Warfare 2019, Call of Duty players have been using movement techniques such as slide canceling and bunny hopping to their advantage, especially in Warzone, breaking cameras and finessing enemies.

Modern Warfare 2 devs Infinity Ward brought major movement changes at launch, completely removing slide canceling and bunny hopping, making the movement feel more like older titles such as CoD 4 and the classic MW2.

These changes haven’t gone down well with top content creators, with Swagg, JGOD, and Dr Disrespect pushing back against the “slow” gameplay they cause.

“Movement was such a unique aspect to COD and to completely just go back to the days of COD 4 style is ass,” tweeted Swagg on October 31. “It’s like taking the euro step away from basketball.”

The euro step is a basketball move where the player takes a step in one direction and then a quick step in another, finessing their opponents. CoD players loved movement techniques such as slide canceling for the same reason, allowing them to use their movement to gain the upper hand.

Swagg feels that Modern Warfare 2 has slowed down movement for the worse, and he’s clearly not alone, as other content creators chimed in.

Top YouTuber JGOD also said that it’s “crazy how slow everything is, especially the animations,” highlighting sliding, diving, Killstreaks, and health regeneration. “Literally every aspect of the game.”

OpTic Hitch said it’s the “weird in between” that’s the problem, where keeping tactical sprint but removing slide canceling and bunny hopping is “so strange,” and they’d rather have either both or neither. Swagg said that “even the beta movement was good [I don’t know].”

FaZe Pamaj said the beta movement felt much better because of bunny hopping and Dr Disrespect called the current movement “[aim down sight] central with zero peekers advantage.”

However, not everyone is as unhappy with these movement changes, as long-time Call of Duty player Hutch said that “Call of Duty is simply better without bunny hopping and slide canceling.”

Infinity Ward changed the movement going from the beta to launch, so we’ll need to wait and see whether it gets tweaked any further.

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