Should Modern Warfare 2 be realistic or arcadey? CoD fans put it to vote

Joseph Pascoulis
Modern Warfare 2 operators breaching door

With Modern Warfare 2’s release on the horizon, fans are discussing whether the game should be realistic or arcadey, putting the question to a vote.

Modern Warfare 2 is close to release now, and with the Call of Duty Next Event soon, players are set to get a whole load of information and gameplay of the upcoming Call of Duty game and sequel to Warzone.

Modern Warfare (2019) is known for its leap in realism for the franchise, becoming arguably the most immersive and realistic game in Call of Duty history.

The Black Ops franchise is known to be slightly more arcadey, with more of an emphasis on the gameplay rather than realism. As Treyarch is set to make the Call of Duty game for 2024, those who enjoy the more arcadey Call of Duty may have to wait until then.

There’s always been a split in the community when it comes to the type of Call of Duty games players enjoy more, and now fans are asking the question of Modern Warfare 2, as the community have been voting for whether they would like MW2 to be more arcadey or realistic.

Reddit user TheOjur put a post up in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, asking players if they are hoping that “MWII is also realistic or would you prefer them to go back to arcadey style COD?”

The post comes with a poll, which at the time of writing has 2k votes. The two options in the poll are “MWII should be realistic,” and “MWII should be arcadey.”

Currently, the majority of players are voting that ‘MWII should be realistic,’ with 1.4k votes to the arcadey option’s 625. That’s 70% of the votes going towards MW2 being more realistic than arcadey.

As a player in the comments points out, Modern Warfare (2019)’s ethos was realism, and as MW2 is being developed by the same dev teams, it’s likely that “MW II (2022) will be the same.”

While the majority seem to want MW2 to be more realistic than arcadey, there are some who feel the game should have a balance of both, “(the) game should have a more realistic look and tone and feel grounded but gameplay should feel arcadey. Basically like the classic COD games such as COD4, BO1 and MW2.”

If MW2 manages to capture the feel of the classic mentioned above it will no doubt be a success, but we’ll likely find out more about the gameplay in the weeks leading up to release.

For now, make sure you check out how to gain early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign so that you can focus on Multiplayer at release.

Image Credits: Activision

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