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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 leaks reveal campaign mission footage & new mechanics

Leaked gameplay footage of Modern Warfare 2 campaign missions are showcasing the new and improved swimming and driving mechanics.



modern warfare 2 campaign mission leaks

Thanks to leaked footage of Modern Warfare 2 campaign missions, players got their first in-depth look at the new swimming and driving mechanics featured in the CoD game.

Infinity Ward have slowly been teasing the release of Modern Warfare 2 with several Intel Drops throughout August. Players received new information about the game’s new and improved audio with 3D directionality, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of the Farm 18 map.

The next major content reveal was expected to be at Call of Duty Next on September 15, but thanks to leaked footage, players received an unexpected update on August 30. The leaked clips showcase some of Modern Warfare 2’s exciting campaign missions.

One of the videos reveals new driving mechanics Modern Warfare 2 players could expect, including the ability to jump between vehicles, refuel gas, damage, and repair cars. Players could also expect these vehicle mechanics to appear in Warzone 2 and multiplayer.

The first two videos were posted to Twitter by 3rbbcod, and it’s likely that they’ll disappear shortly. Nonetheless, the action-packed sequence of the unnamed campaign mission taking place in Mexico has players shooting out of windows, as well as commandeering enemy vehicles in a cinematic fashion.

Meanwhile, another one of the leaked videos reveals yet another new mechanic as the focus shifts to a water-themed mission. In the clip, players can see how the swimming mechanic will look in the brand-new Call of Duty game.

Thanks to previously released information, we know that this mission is called Wet Work and that it focuses on stealth aspects of Modern Warfare 2. Players are encouraged to use knives to take out enemies quietly throughout the mission.

In addition to swimming, this level also features new mechanics such as ledge hanging and underwater shooting.

The final clip shared by Twitter user aet0MW2 and later retweeted by reputable leaker TheGhostOfHope, shares new footage of the campaign mission set in Chicago. Screenshots of this Chicago mission from official Modern Warfare 2 trailers were already earning praise from fans thanks to the accurate depiction of the city.

This same mission called Tower was previewed at an exclusive Modern Warfare 2 event back in June. It seems images and clips from the event are beginning to circulate online.

In the short clip, players are treated to a scenic view of downtown Chicago at night. While the stunning view at the top of a skyscraper is impressive, the player then gets to rappel down the building to seemingly carry out the objective of the campaign mission.

For those who pre-order the new title, Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will be avaialble on October 20, one week prior to the game’s full release on October 28.

Image Credit: Activision