Perfect Modern Warfare 2 Throwing Knife spot hits Al Bagra Fortress window campers every time

Andrew Highton
al bagra fortress map in cod modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s Al Bagra Fortress map has become one of the game’s most popular locations, but if you’re being bogged down by window campers, then a Throwing Knife play can change the game.

Maps have been a source of discussion in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with several problems arising in the form of Breenbergh Hotel facing legal issues and Farm 18 having an out-of-map exploit.

There have also been fun discoveries with MW2 players finding classic OG maps existing in the game’s Embassy map.

Another one of the game’s levels, Al Bagra Fortress, is great for most of the modes, but it can be susceptible to excessive window camping, trapping players in their spawn. However, a neat trick that works every time can deal with these window-hungry players.

Whether you’re trying to capture the B flag in domination or advance to a Hardpoint, if the enemy team occupies the two main windows in the middle of the map it can be hard to advance.

If this is happening to you, then Reddit user jacovskee recommended to players that they equip a Throwing Knife as their Lethal Equipment and head to a very particular spot in Al Bagra Fortress.

It’s clearly not a one-off either as the user showed repeated examples of them landing this kill from the same spot, and all it took was aiming at the same defined section of a tall tree.

MW2 players are quite happy about this with one commenter saying: “This is what the sub needs. More of these tips and tricks please!” and another user added: “Posts like this are a contribution to the community. Thank you!”

So if you ever find yourself coming under intense pressure in Al Bagra Fortress with window campers making it impossible to get out of your spawn area, then make sure you have a Throwing Knife at your disposal.

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Image Credit: Activision