Modern Warfare 2’s cover was leaked early and everyone thought it was fake

Hamza Khalid
Soap in Modern Warfare 2

We got new details about Modern Warfare 2 through official key artwork that was previously leaked, only for players to mistake it as being fake.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been the subject of much speculation, with most of the information about the game being revealed through leaks, including the early PlayStation beta and details about the multiplayer.

We finally received some confirmed information when the developers announced the official release date through an artwork reveal. However, it turns out that this information had been leaked early, only for everyone to deem it fake.

Price in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

On May 23, Reddit user ‘TacticalMongoose’ shared an image of promotional material found in the port of L.A, claiming that it was from the Modern Warfare sequel that’s currently in development.

This post was soon deleted by the moderators of the Call of Duty subreddit, and this led to players assuming that the leaks were probably fake. However, this leak was later verified by the developers themselves.

After announcing the official release date, the Call of Duty team shared artwork featuring all the new and returning characters in Modern Warfare 2, including the same Ghost image that was previously leaked.

Many of the commenters found this revelation amusing, and one user wrote: “Lmao, it got removed by the mods. Even though it was 100% legit.” Another player commented: “They called you a mad man.”

Aside from Ghost, the official artwork also gave us a look at other characters that will be present in the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare sequel, including Price, Gaz, Soap, and Alejandro.

While details about Modern Warfare 2 are currently scarce, we expect more information about the game to be officially revealed as the game’s October 28 release date draws near.

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Image Credit: Activision