Modern Warfare 2 set to bring back fan-favorite Party Game

Liam Mackay
Mara fighting Infected in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty’s Party Games first arrived in Black Ops and have become a franchise staple. Although missing from Vanguard so far, leaks claim a fan-favorite Party Game will return in Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone Mobile’s game files have reportedly included a ton of information about Modern Warfare 2, and even included concept art for Treyarch’s CoD 2024. Through these files, we’ve had a first look at the maps, the weapon names, the DMZ mode, and more.

Game mode selection can make or break a Call of Duty game and players are delighted to see that a fan-favorite Party Game is set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2 alongside the new and returning modes.

infected mode in call of duty modern warfare

Warzone leaker Reality has been going through Warzone Mobile‘s game files and posting a ton of Modern Warfare 2 details that are in there for some reason. On July 11, Reality posted a ton of the game modes and their icons including Ground War, Knockout, and Capture the Flag.

But there was one game mode in there that got Call of Duty fans particularly excited — Infected.

Infected is a Party Game where players need to survive for as long as possible. One player will become ‘infected’ at the start and must infect all of the ‘survivors’ by meleeing them. Every survivor killed by an infected will also become infected, and then must try to eliminate the remaining survivors. The game will end when either the timer runs out or every survivor is killed.

Infected was added to Modern Warfare 2019 in the Season One update but hasn’t arrived in Vanguard yet.

There’s no guarantee that Infected will arrive at launch, it’s actually unlikely. With Modern Warfare 2 set to have a two-year lifecycle, we would expect Infected any other Party Game such as One In the Chamber or Gun Game to be added in one of the seasons.

Of course, this is just a leak for now, and Infected being in the game files doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to arrive.

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