Modern Warfare 2 players want Infinity Ward to steal big accessibility change from Battlefield 2042

Andrew Highton
battlefield 2042 specialist and modern warfare 2 operator

One of Modern Warfare 2’s graphical issues is causing players a headache, and fans want the devs to borrow from Battlefield 2042 to easily fix the problem.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you’ll no doubt know the reception that Battlefield 2042 has had since its release. Things have been getting better for EA’s war shooter though and the upcoming Battle of Nordvik event should add even more content to the game.

Whereas Modern Warfare 2 has had a relatively successful launch, outside of server issues and connection problems, but one aspect of the game has had players frustrated – Flash Grenades.

The piece of Tactical Equipment has proven to be very effective during games of MW2, perhaps a bit too effective. Apart from the debilitating effects of the Flash Grenade, it also turns the user’s screen a bright white.

This is proving to be quite visually distracting for avid players of the game, so much so that they’re demanding the devs utilize a Battlefield 2042 feature to enhance their experience.

Flash Grenades also exist in BF 2042, but instead of just one, all-consuming white flash that remains on the screen for several seconds, DICE allows players to customize their settings.

A Modern Warfare 2 subreddit post demonstrated that the default setting in Battlefield 2042 also disorientates players with a blinding white light is displayed when afflicted by a Flash Grenade. The difference is, Battlefield 2042 players can change this setting so that it’s effectively “Dark Mode.”

Changing this visual setting in the game’s options makes the white screen upon being flashed appear completely dark to shield eyes from the bright color.

“Hell yes. That’d be amazing. They’re burning through my skull with the frequency they’re thrown in this game,” said one player after viewing the video, whereas another said: “It may not be realistic but this is definitely an option that needs to be added.”

If adding this option isn’t on the agenda for the devs, then another user suggested “Either that or buff Battle Hardened because that perk doesn’t do almost anything against flashbangs.”

Whichever way the devs may decide to go about changing Flash Grenades, it’s clear that users want a change made to the device.

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Image Credit: Activision

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