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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 leak gives first details at upcoming Ranked Play mode

CoD players who want a more competitive FPS experience playing Modern Warfare 2 will be excited to hear the leaked Ranked Play details.



cod mw2 operators storming room

Ranked Play will be a big deal for Modern Warfare 2, and thanks to a new leak, we know how the game’s Ranked game mode will work and its likely rule structure.

As with most Call of Duty titles, the hyper-competitive players soon adjust to the gunplay and overall feel of a new CoD title and seek a tougher challenge much faster than most people.

This is where Ranked Play comes into the equation, and we already knew that Modern Warfare 2 was going to incorporate the more official mode at some point.

A leak concerning Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play has dropped, and it discussed details such as the structure of Ranked Play points and divisions as well as the ruleset that will be used.

The initial leak was dropped by Twitter user “CODSploitzImgs” and Insider Gaming managed to note down the extent of the leak and said that “Ranked Players will advance up skill divisions and tiers by earning ‘SR’, which is adjusted and applied following each match” and also that “SR will be calculated by personal performance, the margin of victory, and win/loss.”

It carries on by explaining that players can go on a ‘Hot Streak’ if they win three consecutive matches, there will be seven Skill divisions in total, and your rank will drop down each season, as it does in FIFA and Rocket League’s Ranked modes so that you can fight your way back up again.

cod vanguard ranked divisions explained

In terms of the structure of Ranked Play and its ruleset: every match will apparently be 4v4 and will embrace all the rules and regulations that can be found in the CDL ruleset.

The leak concludes by saying: “In keeping with previous Ranked Modes, MW2’s mode unlocks all unrestricted attachments for players (meaning separate classes), locks down restricted items, enables friendly fire by default, and issues suspensions or penalties based on inactivity, disconnecting, and repeated friendly fire.”

As with all leaks, this information should be taken with a massive pinch of salt until we know more official information.

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Image Credit: Activision