Modern Warfare 2 players slam “terrible” remake of classic party mode

Hamza Khalid
MW2 operators dueling

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded brought back a fan-favorite party mode from Black Ops, but players feel that the remake of this mode is extremely disappointing.

When Season 2 Reloaded went live, Modern Warfare 2 received a ton of changes, including the addition of the Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle as well as numerous buffs and nerfs to the game’s existing weapons.

The update also featured the return of the popular classic party mode ‘One in the Chamber’ which was part of the Wager Matches in Black Ops. However, this remake hasn’t sat well with Modern Warfare 2 players.

In Modern Warfare 2’s One in the Chamber party mode, every player is given three lives and exactly one bullet in their weapon that replenishes after every kill. While this is meant to make things more intense, players feel that the mode has a glaring flaw.

Reddit user ‘RainbowGames’ described the mode as “stupid” for allowing players to join mid-game. They explained: “I just had a game where I topped the scoreboard with 10 kills after 3 minutes and then had to spend the remaining 7 minutes watching new people join in with the full 3 lives.”

The Redditor stated that the game mode is designed to “essentially force the player to quit after dying 3 times.” They feel it doesn’t matter who the last survivor is, as their accomplishment will immediately be ruined by new players joining with full lives.

Many in the thread agreed with the OP, and one user commented: “Yeah they really messed up this time. People shouldn’t be able to join mid-game, and the lobby is never full to begin with.”

Another player described One in the Chamber as a “terrible” game mode since players end up sitting in a corner while waiting for people to walk past them. A few players then came up with solutions to fix this game mode.

Some suggested that players that hop into the mode mid-game should start with only one life or “however many lives the remaining players have.” This way, the last player standing with the lowest number of lives will be the winner.

One in the Chamber gives players three lives and only one round in their weapon.

One commenter described the current state of One in the Chamber as one of the “funniest screw-ups” from the Modern Warfare 2 developers. It remains to be seen if they will address these complaints.

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