Modern Warfare 2 players slam game mode rotation system after Gun Game removed

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operator

Modern Warfare 2 players are tired of having their options limited with the current playlist and game mode rotation system. This constant rotation of game modes has come under heavy scrutiny after Gun Game’s removal.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 brought a ton of new content to the game including the acclaimed Ranked Play mode. Season 2 also marked the return of classic Call of Duty modes like Infected, Gun Game, and Grind.

Modern Warfare 2 players were pleased with the new additions that arrived to diversify their gameplay options. However, that delight has quickly turned into disappointment following the removal of the Gun Game mode.

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Modern Warfare 2 utilizes a playlist rotation system that rotates game modes in and out of the game on a weekly basis. While players were happy to receive Gun Game and Infected, it seems like they’re not going to always be accessible in Season 2 and beyond.

Players took to Reddit to share their discontent with the vanishing game modes in Modern Warfare 2.

It didn’t take long for players to point out that previous Call of Duty titles didn’t enforce such rigid restrictions, with one saying, “Remember when cods used to have all modes active at the same time.”

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Several players also aimed to understand the reasoning for such exclusivity when it comes to providing different gameplay experiences for Modern Warfare 2 players.

The most common conclusion that players arrived at involves the idea that removing game modes from Modern Warfare is a strategic move that the devs implement to create scarcity.

Here’s what one player had to say: “It’s trying to create hype for its return. When it comes back, they’ll expect to hear praise and excitement for bringing it back.”

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While Gun Game was removed from Modern Warfare 2, players received fan-favorite playlists like Shipment 24/7 and a 10v10 Mosh Pit playlist.

This has only led to more frustration with fans who can’t understand why their options must be limited: “F**king sh*tty system, I wish playlists would just stay. Let me play whatever the hell I want, when I want.”

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